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Enjoy a truly global learning experience with the Cambridge curriculum, synchronous with Indian ethos and value system.

Our Mission

The mission of the Delhi Public School Society is to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence with the concept of enlightened citizens, sensitive to the requirements of the 21st century in the backdrop.

Synchronous with this, the mission of the School of International Education at DPS Faridabad is to propagate Peace, Progress and Prosperity, by providing a happy, safe, compassionate and supportive environment for each child to walk the path of collaborative living, awareness of self and self realization.

Our Vision

The school envisions empowering students so that they acquire the skills to become happy, able global citizens, replete with desired values so as to contribute to a healthy world.

We foster an environment for enquiry, experimentation, problem solving and understanding, with the aim to empower the students to transcend all political and geographical boundaries and at the same time, become a repository of deep commitment to our ethos.

We are dedicated to nurturing linguistically and culturally accoutred individuals through a dynamic, student-oriented education program. The inherent strengths of the learners become the foundation of their education. We believe that each learner is unique and therefore the school aids each learner to retain his essential character and evolve as a self directed, reflective and compassionate member of the society.

The proactive support required for such nurturing is provided by a team of facilitators and a meaningful parent involvement. Together we help the children imbibe the spirit: ‘I stop, not when I am tired, but when I am done.’

Principal’s Desk

“Don’t wait for the right opportunity: create it.” 

As teachers, mentors and pathfinders, we find great inspiration in these words of  George Bernard Shaw. With this philosophy at the core, the School has ventured into the international arena with its School of International Education. We pride ourselves at having evolved as a beacon in the field of education, nurturing enlightened individuals, equipped with the 21st century skills, competent enough to navigate through the Global canvas.

I extend a warm welcome to all those who value enquiry based , funfilled and experiential learning aided by technology, making learning memorable. Each child is considered an institution in itself. We intend to encourage him to explore his strengths and thus engage him in order to achieve his true potential. We are committed to ensuring that every child succeeds and no one is left behind.

As a pioneer institution, the school always strives to augment the latent potential of each individual, simultaneously elevating their happiness quotient and thus creating confident, sensitive and enlightened human beings at the finishing line.

Welcome to enjoying this learning experience!



Cambridge offers a holistic, intensive and child-centric learning experience


Beyond Academics

Learners are provided opportunities to discover and explore their true potential and refine their aptitude


Facilities Available

Well equipped infrastructure to ensure that learning takes place in a safe, secure and happy environment.



A legacy of excellence strengthens our resolve to foster genius.



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