Principle Message

“Don’t wait for the right opportunity: create it.”

As teachers, mentors and pathfinders, we find great inspiration in the words of George Bernard Shaw. With this philosophy at the core, the School has ventured into the international arena with its School of International Education.

We pride ourselves at having evolved as a beacon in the field of Education forging enlightened individuals, equipped with the 21st century skills, competent enough to navigate through the Global canvas.

I extend a warm welcome to all those who value enquiry based , fun filled and experiential learning aided by technology making learning memorable.

Each child is considered an institution in itself and we intend to encourage him to explore his strengths and thus engage him in order to achieve his true potential. We are prepared to make sure that every child succeeds and no one is left behind.

As a pioneer institution, the school always strives to augment the latent potential of each individual, simultaneously elevating their happiness quotient and thus creating confident, sensitive and enlightened human beings at the finishing line.